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Solatube Testimonials

We're always happy to hear what our clients think about their Solatubes.  Below are some of our favorite testimonials.

"Solatube gives me a feeling of being outside in a way because of the natural light.  Also brightens up the mood."
- Patricia Hogg, Ann Arbor

"Takes months before you stop trying to turn off the light in the bathroom."
- Rita Warner, Plymouth

"I can look at mail without turning on lights.  I wish I would've done this thirteen years ago when we first moved in.  You did a marvelous job."
- Debbie Baker, Plymouth

"It's been very nice.  Sheds a lot of light.  It's a wonderful product to have."
- Adrian Bates, Northville

"I really like the Solatube.  Really brightens up my bathroom and laundry room that do not have windows."
-  Diana Calvin, Novi

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