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Solar Space Heating

Solar wall on southern Michigan home Solar space heating in Canton, MISolar wall and solar space heating on Mechanical Energy Systems home office. Canton, MI

Made in Michigan!

 The Sunsiaray Northern Comfort solar space heating system is 100% made and assembled in Michigan.

Adding (retrofitting) a solar space heating system to your home is one way to combat increasing energy costs. If the sun shines on your home for most of the day in the winter, it is a potential candidate for solar hot air panels.

Solar space heating panels are mounted on the roof, or the south-facing side of your home. A flexible ductwork system transfers the indoor air through the panel baffling system where the heat transfer is made. The return duct delivers the warmed air to your house. This air transfer is powered by a 12-volt blower motor, which can also be powered by a photovoltaic panel for further energy savings. An alternate application ties your duct work into your existing furnace.

A typical system will reduce home heating cost 30% in Michigan, depending on the size of the system and weather conditions. Michigan is a great area to take advantage of solar hot air systems due to a long heating season, and high utility rates.

Northern Comfort Solar Space Heating InfoImage  4 Hot air panels, Farmington, MI

Hear What A Customer Says About His System:

"I just wanted to tell you how thrilled my family is with the Solar Furnace. It works even better than we expected, and we are amazed how well the unit integrates with the exterior of our home. Along with the Solar Hot Water heater, we are saving an enormous amount of money. The installers were very prompt, professional, and friendly. Thanks to you and your team for making "going solar" so fun and easy, and appreciate your contribution to earth-friendly technologies."

Gary S., Farmington Hills


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