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Solar Pool Heating

Residential inground solar pool heating systemAssociation clubhouse solar pool heating, Michigan Solar pool heating with FAFCO panels

Now is the time to think SOLAR! FAFCO logo

A FAFCO Solar Pool Heating system will heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature with environment-friendly energy from the sun.

With hundreds of thousands of swimming pools in America today, it's very likely a solar pool heating system is working quietly and efficiently in your own neighborhood.

Baby swimming in pool
Fastest Payback
If you are currently heating your pool with propane or a gas heater you will love the immediate and long term savings.

With a solar pool heater you can
  • Get a 2-4 year payback
  • Extend your season by a month on each end
  • Drastically reduce or eliminate your pool heating costs
  • Remove expensive heaters
Family swimming in a cold pool

Not heating your pool?
You are probably not using the pool as much as you would like.
Extend the swimming season by a month on each end by heating with the sun for FREE.
Children - Everyone in the family loves a warm pool.


Popular for Residential & Commercial Buildings

  • The average temperature range of a solar heated pool is in the low to upper 80's throughout the swimming season
  • Replace or supplement a conventional pool heater 
  • Trouble-free, reliable performance
  • Lightweight panels
  • Ultraviolet resistant 
  • Full 12-year warranty

Hear What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

“We should have installed solar panels years ago!”
- Rosemarie D., Westland

“The panels are working really well!”
- James & Sharon P., Carleton

“Even with the partly cloudy and cool days we’ve had this week, the pool is a very comfortable 80 degrees, and it’s been even warmer than that during sunny weather!”
- Richard M., Westland


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Read what our customers are saying about us!

10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Solar Pool Heater:
  1. Enjoy a heated pool without high utility bills.
  2. Open your pool earlier in the season and close it later in the fall.
  3. No additional cost to heat your pool, it utilizes your existing filter pump.
  4. Systems can be sized for in-ground or above-ground pools.
  5. Low maintenance cost.
  6. Fafco panels offer unsurpassed, proven durability.
  7. Systems are reliable, and offer trouble-free performance.
  8. One-Two day installation.
  9. It adds value to your home and property.
  10. You are taking advantage of the free energy provided by the sun.

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