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How does solar affect my roof over the life of the system?

Before installing:

Solar electric (PV) panels* and micro-inverters* come with long life performance and durability warranties, generally 25 to 30 years. Panels are expected to perform and last beyond their warranties because they are a non-mechanical system, with few parts to wear out. Given this long life you want to make sure your roof is in good shape. It is easier to repair and update a roof than to remove the panels later and reinstall them. Solar panels weigh approximately 2.5 lbs/sq.ft., which is equivalent to adding a second layer of shingles.

Save 30% with the Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit
If you need to update your roof, you may incorporate this expense into your 30% Federal Renewable Tax Credit** for total cost of installing solar energy.
**Roof should be upgraded within the same year as the solar installation.

The facts after you update your roof: The result - your roof lasts longer than when exposed to the elements.

*Manufacturers and model warranties may vary.

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